IR-961 Infrared Temperature Probe

IR-961 Infrared Temperature Probe

* Non-contact infrared temperature measurement

This infrared temperature probe senses the heat emission from the object and converts that into temperature reading. The output is 1 mVDC per °F or °C. It can also be connected to a data recorder or chart recorder to record the temperature.  The temperature probe lets you check the temperature of hot, hazardous or moving objects.  The sampling time is ~ 1 sec. which is much quicker than a thermocouple.  It is ideal for maintenance applications. It is gun type with heavy duty & high impact housing. Comes with instruction manual.

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The banana plugs can be connected to a multimeter with 200mV scale to read the temperature directly.  It measures the temperature from a distance. The spot size is about 3½" from a distance of 2’. which has a certain thermal mass to be heated up to reach the equilibrium. The Emissivity is variable from 0.1 to 0.95 suitable for different kind of surfaces. 

Temperature range 14˚F to 662˚F, -10˚C to 350˚C
Resolution 1˚F / 1˚C
Output 1 DCmV per 1˚F or 1˚C
Measuring distance / Spot size ~7:1
Emissivity setting 0.10 to 0.95
Measurement wavelength 6 to 12µm
Sampling time ~1 second
Accuracy ±2% or ± 3˚F (± 2˚C)
Power DC 9V battery, 12mA
Size 7.7" X 4.4" X 2.3"
Weight 10 ounces

Service and Instruction Manual

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