CAP-15 Capacitance Meter

CAP-15 Capacitance Meter

This handheld capacitance meter covers very broad range capacitance from 0.1pF to 20,000µF. Zero adjustment of ±20pF can be used to compensate parasitic from the test leads. Leak can be detected if the value changes significantly in different ranges. Ideal to check unmarked capacitor, select precision value and check tolerance. Complete with test leads, battery, spare fuse and manual.

* Protected from charged capacitor

* 3½ Digit, 0.5% basic accuracy
* 0.1pF-20,000µF
* 9 Ranges
* Zero adjustment± 20pF

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Specifications Range
Range/Accuracy 200.0pF(0.5%+0.6pF), 2nF, 20nF, 200nF, 2µF, 20µF, 200µF(0.5%+1dgt), 2,000µF(2%+1dgt) 20,000µF(4%+1dgt)
Resolution 0.1pF
Zero Adjustment ± 20pF
Test Voltage 3.5 V max
Overload Protection 250VDC, 0.1A fuse
Size 5.9"x2.8"x1.5"
Weight 7.0oz
Power 9V battery, 300 hrs

Service and Instruction Manual

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