PSP Series Programmable Switching DC Power Supply


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* LCD Display
* Output ON/OFF Control
* 3 Step Fan Speed Control
* OVP, OCP & OPP Protection
* Key Lock to Avoid Error Operation
* Normal, +% & -% Output Operation Key
* High Efficiency and High Power Density
* Standard Interface: RS-232C
* Option: Jack Type Terminal for Europe

Output Model PSP-603 PSP-405 PSP-2010
Voltage 0~60V 0~40V 0~20V
Current 0~3.5A 0~5A 0~10A
Voltage Regulation Load ≤10mV
Line ≤0.05%
Current Regulation Load ≤5mA
Line ≤0.05%
Ripple Voltage (mVrms) ≤20mV
Current (mArms) ≤10mA
Resolution Voltage 20mV 10mV
Current 2mA 5mA
Program Accuracy Voltage ≤40V ±0.05%rdg+3digits
≤60V ±0.05%rdg+4digits
Current ≤5A ±0.1%rdg+5digits
≤10A ±0.3%rdg+10digits
Readback(Meter) Resolution Voltage As Resolution
Readback(Meter) Accuracy Voltage As Program Resolution
Protection OVP/OCP/OPP
Output ON/OFF Control Yes
Display LCD
Interface (Standard) RS-232C
Power Source AC 1150V/230V±15%, 50/60Hz
Accessories Instruction manual, Power cord, Test lead
Dimensions 8.86"W X 3.94"H X 12.01"D
Weight 8.82 lbs

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