GOS-653G 50MHz Oscilloscope

GOS-653G 50MHz Oscilloscope

This scope is ideal for advanced service application. Delayed sweep allows the expansion of portion of curve for detailed analysis of spike and glitches. Signal delay line permits viewing leading edge of displayed waveform.

* 50 MHz, Dual Channel
* Delayed Sweep
* Built-in Delay Line
* TV Synchronization
* Z axis input
* ALT Triggering Function
* Hold off Function
* Trigger level lock function
* CH1 output
* Two Year Factory Warranty

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CRT Type 6-inch rectangular type with internal graticule
0%, 10%, 90% and 100% markers. 8 X 10 DIV (1 DIV=1 cm)
Z - Axis Input Input Impedance: 5kΩ
Sensitivity: Above 3Vp-p
Bandwidth: DC - 5MHz
Phosphor P31
Accelerating Potential 12 kV
Illumination Continuously adjustable
Vertical System Sensitivity 5mV - 5V/DIV ± 3%, 1mV - 2mV / DIV±5%
Bandwidth DC - 50MHz
DC - 15MHz at 1mV - 2mV / DIV
Rise Time 7nS (23.3nS at 1mV - 2mV / DIV)
Input Impedance Approx. 1MΩ
Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
Vertical Mode CH1, CH2, DUAL, ADD, CH2 INV (Dual automatic switching ALT and CHOP)
Signal Delay Leading edge can be monitored
Horizontal System A (Main) Sweep Time 0.1µS - 0.5S/DIV ± 3%
100nS - 50mS/DIV ± 5% (X 10MAG)
10nS - 50nS ± 8% (x 10MAG)
B (Delay) Sweep Time 0.1µS - 0.5mS / DIV ± 3%
100nS - 50µS / DIV ± 5% (X 10MAG)
10nS - 50nS / DIV ± 8% (X 10MAG)
Delay Time 1µS - 5mS, ±5%
Delay Time Jitter Better than 1:10000
Trigger Trigger Mode AUTO, NORM, SINGLE
Trigger Source CH1, CH2, ALT, LINE, EXT
Trigger Coupling AC, DC, HF, REJ, TV
Trigger Slope "+" or "-"
X - Y Operation Sensitivity 5mV - 5V / DIV±4%
X-axis Bandwidth DC - 2MHz
Phase Error 3º or less from DC - 100kHz
Output Signal Trigger Signal Output Voltage: 50mV/DIV into 50Ω
Calibrator Output 1kHz Squarewave, 2Vpp±2%
Power Source AC 100V / 120V / 220V / 230V ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz
Accessories Power cord, manual, probes(10:1/1:1) X 2
Size 12.2"(W) X 5.9"(H) X 17.9"(D)
Weight 18.1 lbs.

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