GOS-620 20MHz Oscilloscope

GOS-620 20MHz Oscilloscope

This is the most economical dual trace scope. Best for school training.

* 20 MHz, Dual Channel
* High sensitivity 1 mV/DIV
* TV synchronization
* ALT triggering Function
* Z-axis input
* CH1 output
* Two years factory warranty
* Most economical dual trace oscilloscope

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CRT Type 6-inch rectangular type with internal graticule 8 x 10 DIV (1 DIV=1 cm)
Z - Axis Input Input Impedance: 47kΩ
Sensitivity: Above 5Vp-p
Bandwidth: DC - 2MHz
Vertical System Sensitivity 5mV - 5V/DIV ± 3%, X 5MAG±5%
Bandwidth DC (AC 10Hz) - 20MHz (-3dB)
DC (AC 10Hz) - 7MHz (-3dB) X 5MAG
Rise Time 17.5nS (50nS at X 5MAG)
Input Impedance Approx. 1MΩ
Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
Vertical Mode CH1, CH2, DUAL (ALT/CHOP), ADD, CH2 INV
Horizontal System Sweep Time 0.2µS - 0.5S/DIV ± 3%
100nS - 50mS/DIV±5% (X 10MAG)
20nS - 50nS/DIV: uncalibrated
Trigger Trigger Mode AUTO, NORM, TV-V, TV-H
Trigger Source CH1, CH2, ALT, LINE, EXT
Trigger Coupling AC
Trigger Slope "+" or "-"
X - Y Operation Sensitivity 5mV - 5V / DIV±4%
X-axis Bandwidth DC - 500kHz
Phase Error 3º or less from DC - 50kHz
Output Signal Trigger Signal Output Voltage: 20mV/DIV into 50Ω
Calibrator Output 1kHz Squarewave, 2Vpp±2%
Power Source AC 115V/230V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Accessories Power cord, manual, probes(10:1/1:1) X 2
Size 12.2"(W) X 5.9"(H) X 17.9"(D)
Weight 17.6 lbs.

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