GFG-8255A 5MHz Generator w/ Counter, Sweep, AM/FM

GFG-8255A 5MHz Generator w/ Counter, Sweep, AM/FM

* GCV Output for synchronization

* Frequency Range: 0.5Hz to 5MHz
* Waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp, TTL and CMOS output
* External Voltage Controlled Frequency (VCF) function
* Duty cycle control with signal inversion capability
* Variable DC offset control
* Two-step (-20dBx2) and variable attenuator
* Built-in 6 digit high resolution counter with INT/EXT function up to 150MHz
* INT./EXT. AM/FM Modulation
* LIN/LOG Sweep Mode

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Main Frequency Range 0.5Hz - 5MHz(7 Ranges)
Amplitude >10Vp-p (into 50Ω load)
Impedance 50Ω ±10%
Attenuator -20dB ±1.0dB X2, continuously variable
DC Offset ±10V(±5V into 50Ω load)
Duty Control 80%: 20%: 80% to 1MHz continuously variable
Display 6 digit LED display
Sine Wave Distortion ≤1%, 0.5Hz - 100kHz
Flatness ≤0.3dB, below 500kHz; ≤1dB, below 5MHz
Square Wave Symmetry ±2%, 1Hz - 100kHz
Rise or Fall Time ≤50ns at maximum output (into 50Ω load)
Triangle Wave Linearity ≥98%, 0.5Hz - 100kHz; ≥95%, 100kHz - 5MHz
CMOS Output
Level ≤4Vpp±1Vpp - 14.5Vpp±0.5Vpp adjustable
Rise or Fall Time ≤120ns
TTL Output Level ≥ 3Vp-p
Fan Out 20 TTL load
Rise or Fall Time ≤25ns
VCF Input Voltage 0 - 10V ±1V for 100:1 frequency ratio
Input Impedance 10kΩ±10%
GCV Output Voltage To set the voltage between 0V - 2V as per different frequency
Sweep Operation Sweep/Manual Switch selector
Sweep/Rate 100:1 ratio max. and adjustable
Sweep/Time 0.5 sec. - 30 sec. adjustable
Sweep/Mode Lin./Log. switch selector
Sweep/Out 0V - 10V±1V
Amplitude Modulation Depth 0 - 100%
MOD. Frequency 400Hz (INT), DC - 1MHz(EXT)
Carrier BW 100Hz - 5MHz (-3dB)
EXT Sensitivity ≤10Vpp for 100% modulation
Frequency Modulation Deviation 0 - ±5%
MOD. Frequency 400Hz(INT), DC 20kHz(EXT.)
EXT. Sensitivity ≤10Vpp for 10% modulation
Frequency Counter Int./Ext. Switch selector
Range 0.5Hz - 5MHz (5Hz - 150MHz EXT.)
Accuracy Time base accuracy ±1 count
Time Base ±20ppm(23°C ±5°C) after 30 min. warm up
Resolution 100nHz for 1 Hz, 1Hz for 100MHz
Input Impedance 1MΩ/150pF
Sensitivity ≤35mVrms(5Hz - 100MHz); ≤45mVrms(100MHz - 150MHz)
Power 115/230 VAC ±15%, 50/60Hz
Size 9.9" W X 11.5" D X 3.6" H
Weight 5.3 lbs.
Accessories BNC-alligator lead (GTL-101) X 2, manual, power cord

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