GFC-8270H 2.7GHz Intelligent Counter

GFC-8270H 2.7GHz Intelligent Counter

* Self diagnosis routine

* Frequency, Period and RPM measurement
* 8 digit, High resolution at both high and low frequency
* 10 mVrms high sensitivity
* 100nHz resolution for 1Hz
* Variable trigger level control
* Display hold function
* 0.01Hz ~ 2.7GHz frequency range
* Microprocessor controlled intelligent counter

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Display 8 digits with Hz, kHz, MHz, GHz, S, mS, µS, nS and overflow
Gate Time Continuously vary from 10mS to 10S, or 1 period of input depending on whichever is greater
Accuracy ±(Resolution ±Timebase error)
Power Source 110/220 V±10%, 50/60Hz
Size 9.1"W X 3.7"H X 11.0"D
Weight 4.8 lbs.
Accessories test leads, manual, GTL-101

Channel A

Range DC coupled 0.01 Hz to 120 MHz
AC coupled 30 Hz to 120 MHz
Resolution The maximum resolution for frequency measurement is 100nHz for 1Hz and 0.1Hz for 100MHz input respectively, and for period measurement is 10nS for 1Hz and 0.1fS (f=10-15) for 100MHz input respectively. At least 7,6,5 digits are display for 1S, 100mS, 10mS gate time respectively
Sensitivity 10 mVrms typical (50mVrms max)
Coupling AC or DC switchable
Filter low pass, switchable in or out
-3dB point of nominally 100 kHz
Impedance 1MΩ // 40 pF
Attenuator X1, X20dB
Trigger Level -2.5 VDC to 2.5 VDC
Period Range 8ns to 100s
RPM 0.6 RPM - 7200 X 106 RPM

Channel B

Ranges 50 MHz to 2.7 GHz
Sensitivity ≤50mVrms (10mVrms typical)
Coupling AC only

Time Base

Aging Rate 1 ppm, per Month
Temperature 5 ppm 23°C±5°C
Line Variation ±0.005 ppm for ±10% variation

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