FC-2700 2.7GHz Frequency Counter

FC-2700 2.7GHz Frequency Counter

* 8 digit LED display

* Frequency and Period measurements
* Frequency from 10 Hz to 2.7 GHz
* TCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator) time base, 1.5 ppm accuracy
* 10 - 50 mVrms sensitivity
* Period from 0.1 ms to 100 ms
* RS-232 PC serial interface

It features wide frequency range and high sensitivity.  Very useful for adjustment, test and repair of mobile or fixed radios such as police, fire fighter’s, taxi, aircraft, marine and HAM. It is also good for AM/FM radio, CB radios, TVs, computer clocks, audio instrument and musical instruments.

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Frequency Ranges 10 MHz:     10 Hz - 10MHz
500 MHz:   10 MHz - 500 MHz
2700 MHz: 50 MHz - 2700 MHz
Resolution 0.1Hz
Gate time 0.5s - 11s
Time base frequency 16.776MHz(TCXO)
Accuracy 2 ppm + 1 count
Input impedance 1MΩ and 50Ω switchable
Sensitivity 10 - 50mV
Maximum input voltage 5 Vp-p, 500MHz and 2700MHz ranges, 250Vp-p 10MHz range
Period Ranges 0.1µs to 100ms
Resolution 0.1µs
General Power 1.5V AA battery X 6 or 9V DC, 300-500mA, center positive adapter (optional)
Input Connector N coaxial connector, 500MHz and 2700MHz ranges, BNC 10MHz range
Size 8.3"W X 3.5"H X 11.0"D
Weight 2.7 lbs.
Accessories BNC-clip, N coaxial connector, manual

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