SG-4162AD RF Signal Generator/Counter

SG-4162AD RF Signal Generator/Counter

Generates sine wave from 100KHz to 150 MHz.  It also has 1kHz internal AM modulation or 50Hz to 20kHz external AM modulation.  The 6 digit frequency counter can be used to measure the frequency of the generator itself or any external source.  Ideal for the hobbyist, service bench and technical instruction.

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Frequency Range 100kHz-150MHz in 6 ranges (up to 450MHz on third harmonics)
100kHz - 320kHz
300kHz - 1.1MHz
1.0MHz - 3.3MHz
3.0MHz - 11MHz
10MHz - 35MHz
32MHz - 150MHz
RF Output 100mV rms to 35MHz
Accuracy 30 ppm ± 1 digit
Output Impedance 50Ω
Modulation Internal 1kHz (AM) 30% approx
External 50Hz - 20kHz AM, at less than 1Vrms input
Audio Output 1kHz at 1 Vrms



10Hz -150MHz
HF 10Hz - 10MHz

VHF 10MHz - 150MHz 

Resolution 1Hz or 10Hz
Display 6 digits, for internal and external signals
Gate Time 1 sec or 0.1 sec
Input Sensitivity 10Hz - 150MHz 35mV - 50mV
Input Impedance HF 1MΩ
Reference Time Accuracy

5 x 10-5 (50ppm) 0°C to 40°C
1 x 10-5 (10ppm) 23°C ± 3°C

Reference Time Frequency 10 MHz
Power 115V or 230V, 50 or 60Hz
Size 4.6"H X 8.5"W X 8.1"D
Weight 5.2 lbs.
Accessories RF cable, AC power cord, manual

Service and Instruction Manual

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